Several thousand sq. ft. of private, furnished production office space.

Offices including, executive, accounting, conference rooms, kitchen, file storage rooms and rest rooms. Office is furnished with air conditioning, cable and multiple phone capability.

Hair and Make up facilities featuring lighted stations, sinks and shampoo bowl area. Private office &/or wig room furnished w/ air conditioning.

Wardrobe facilities featuring wardrobe racks, restrooms, showers, washer and dryer. Facility is furnished, has cable access and a/c.

Cafeteria features approx. 3,000 sq. ft. for cast, crew and production. It is equipped with tables, chairs and air conditioning.

Art Department facility features huge windows for natural light. It is furnished with drafting tables, separate offices, restrooms, phone capabilities, cable access and air conditioning.

Full prop house, set dressing, water trucks, condors, scissor lifts, grade alls, fork lifts, skip loaders, bob cats, cranes, road graders, bull dozers, misc. equipment, and local resources. Contact us Direct 661-810-9898 or 661-259-7788 for more information and availability of additional PRODUCTION SUPPORT.