Melody Ranch Motion Picture Studio


Veluzat Motion Picture Ranch
Southern California, USA


For decades, The Veluzat Motion Picture Ranch has been the back drop to some of Hollywood’s biggest films, brightest stars, television, and video productions. Universal Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Tri Star, Warner Bros, Disney, Sony, MGM, HBO, ABC, NBC, and CBS are just a handful of motion picture studios / production companies that have filmed their projects at TheVeluzat Motion Picture Ranch. The movie ranch is a sprawling 750 acres of natural settings, miles of roads, stream beds and incredible filming locations all in the 30 mile zone. Featuring a massive Mexican Spanish / Middle Eastern / European city with a Cantina, Church, School, Police Station, Gas Station, Warehouse, Hotel Room and Hacienda all with interiors. The Movie Ranch features many other sets including, a Log Cabin with an interior and out buildings around it located in a pine grove forest. A Mid American Town is nestled into a private natural canyon which features a Gas Station, Diner, General Store, Bank, Church, Bar and a 50’s style house. A large Livery Stable, Barn with a loft and corrals is located amongst gorgeous mature oak trees in a wooded area. A lonely Gas Station sits in an open meadow on a lonely dirt road alongside a Junk Yard. There is a Western / Spanish Ranch House located on a hill top over looking a village on one side and mountain ranges on the other side. It features a large open interior, stables, corrals, and a well with hand pump. Another wooded canyon on ranch features a large Colonial style Farm House with interior. It is located near a forty foot rock water fall.

The Veluzat Motion Picture Ranch has hundreds of acres of open space for filming and construction of new sets. The Veluzat Motion Picture Ranch is equipped with a prop and set dressing department. This department features Mexican, Western and Military props. There is an assortment of cars, trucks and buses that are available to rent to use on various sets. The Movie Ranch has huge parking lot areas for production equipment, cast and crew cars. Contact Veluzat Motion Picture Ranch today for more information, availability, scouting, and booking the ranch for your next filming project. Be sure to ask about special rates for company’s building permanent movie sets on the ranch.


Melody Ranch Motion Picture Studio
Santa Clarita Valley, California


Since 1915, when the studio was first opened for business, an endless string of hard riding shoot-em-ups have been produced at this location. Monogram studios made 750 “B” westerns before selling the ranch to singing cowboy Gene Autry in 1952. Legendary cowboy actors, including William S. Hart, Gary Cooper, Tom Mix, Roy Rogers, Bill Boyd, and John Wayne filmed their westerns here until 1962 when a fire swept through Placerita Canyon destroying the main western street. Gene Autry maintained the rest of the ranch for his horse Champion until the horse passed in 1990. He then put the ranch up for sale and the Veluzat brothers purchased it. Melody Ranch has been brought back to life with the restoration of the famous western street. Melody Ranch Studio features a massive western town with interiors in the saloon, bank, jail, general store, hotel, church, school, livery stable, and theatre. There is a farm house, ranch house, Victorian home, and beautiful Spanish / adobe hacienda all with interiors. There are many stairways, balconies, and hundreds of feet of boardwalks that round out this amazing film location.

Melody Ranch Studio in Santa Clarita Valley, California is a 21 acre back lot all located in the 30 mile zone. The studios sound stages range from 11,200 to 22,000 sq. ft., 35 to 45 foot tall ceilings with clear spans, cat walks, 6600 amp electric service, 80-200 ton air conditioning, 6000 sq. ft. of storage rooms, drive in doors, insulated in black, sound proofed and audience rated. For all your production needs, Melody Ranch Studio features several thousand square feet of production offices completely furnished with multiple phone availability. Also, available for rent are art department offices with drafting tables, and conference rooms. There are hair, make-up, wardrobe facilities, and a cafeteria. For all your construction needs, there is a complete mill stage with power and construction offices all for rent. There is excellent parking for cast, crew and production equipment. Melody Ranch Studio has a complete prop house on site with western set dressing, interior and exterior props. Contact Melody Ranch Studio today for more information, availability, scouting and / or booking for your next production to experience a page torn from history on the street where famous westerns were made such as, The Lone Ranger, Wyatt Earp, Gunsmoke, Hopalong Cassidy, Annie Oakley, Rin Tin Tin, The Cisco Kid and Deadwood. Yes, many things have changed but the old west hasn’t… at least not at Melody Ranch Studio.